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About Burr

Welcome to Burr Elementary School

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Welcome to Burr’s website which has an entirely new look. We are extremely proud of our school and the innovative, student-centered work we do with students every day. This website contains information about Burr as well as regular communication updates. 

There are many beliefs that define our work with students including an appreciation for individual learning styles and diverse backgrounds, a focus on character, and a passion for inquiry and reflection. We do this through interactive, collaborative learning opportunities.

Burr’s instructional focus is engagement and independence. Through a workshop approach across the content areas, we seek to help students be independent and self-directed thinkers, speakers, readers, writers, mathematicians, historians, and scientists. Students read in a variety of genres, learn how to write through a process approach, engage in inquiry based problem solving, and explore issues and important events. As twenty-first century learners, we expect them to critically think, communicate, and explore content from multiple perspectives.

The arts are also very important at Burr. We believe in educating the whole child and providing students with many opportunities to be artists, musicians, and athletes. Many of our fourth grade students participate in orchestra, and many of our fifth grade students participate in band. All fifth grade students participate in chorus. Additionally there are opportunities at Burr to be part of advanced music ensembles. Students in fourth and fifth grade at Burr study Spanish. We are also extremely proud of our library media center and its collaborative partnership with classroom teachers to create research and technology based projects.

Please enjoy our website and all that it has to offer. Our goal is to showcase the fabulous work that happens every day at Burr as well as provide a communication hub for parents, students, and staff.

My best for a terrific school year!


Jason Bluestein






School Hours

Grades K-5: 8:55 am - 3:30 pm
Pre-Kindergarten: 8:45 am - 11:30 am, 12:30 pm - 3:15 pm
Early Dismissal: 8:55 am - 1:40 pm
Delayed Opening: 10:55 am